Research, development
Representing of modern technologies in water and environment. Introducing, educating, applying and promoting energy-efficient, low-budget technologies
Environmental protection
Collection of oil and grease from service and industrial plants, oil filters, localization of soil contamination. Taking over of hazardous waste, pre-treatment and environmental damage control in case of havari, construction of waste disposal sites, disaster protection
Water management, wastewater treatment
Flood protection, river bank control, water-structure, river and lake ports construction, shipping signs. River bank pipeline crossing, river freight, pile construction from the water. Individual wastewater collection and treatment solutions for small communities, institutions, hotels



The Water and Environmental Management Cluster (VKG Cluster) was established as result of about one year preparation, in December 2010. The active players- business enterprises and organizations from the area of water and environmental management, water-related construction-, water management and wastewater treatment technologies, as well as agricultural and industrial environmental management technologies, design, development, marketing, implementation and operation have been regularly in business relation for many years, and other parts have been directly professional and business relationship with each other from time to time.

Taking into account the domestic and international trends, the Hungarian cluster evolution process experiences the Founding Members decided to form a cluster, establishing a cooperation frame that makes possible to carry out joint activities of the members, with keeping their independence, and serves a mutually beneficial partnership.

The best motivator of cluster development is first, that a complex and unique demand of capacity can be realized under the frame of a cluster which has an highlighted impact to market bargaining power, on the other hand, the up to date information, knowledge and technology transfer time can be also greatly reduced along the cluster activities and its members in today's fast and ever changing world. The cluster's activity generates not only success of the business in the region but also is able to give new impetus to the development of the region, which improves not only the current situation, but also generating joint projects and cooperation within the region. The cluster establishes a framework that serves the business success of its members and a successful base for regional economic development projects as well.

The cluster strategy bears the characteristics of the cluster members, and is built on complex water management, water-related construction engineering, and environmental professional knowledge, capacity for innovation and research and development activities and can easily be adapted to solve specific problems. In the innovation system all players can be involved, by building a common basis of trust and personal relationship.

The implementation of the strategy will be taken place clearly for all members through actions, promoted by technological and market perspectives in addition of maintaining an optimal combination of given values, co-operation and competition between companies.

The key factor for the development of cluster strategy is a common vision and a common long-term strategy. The goal of cluster foresight is not predicting the future, but also to understand what shapes the future with choosing the variations, which solution is feasible and closest to desired one.

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